Deleader Contractor/Supervisor Initial Training Cost: $495

This 32 hour class is designed to train participants to become licensed deleaders in the State of Massachusetts. This is the highest level of lead abatement contractor license within the state. The course includes a power point presentation along with hands-on skill sets. The class meets for four days and is followed by a 100 question exam. Topics include: hazard recognition, reading the lead inspection report, deleading methods, containment, personal protective equipment, clean-up procedures, passing dust wipes, and recordkeeping. Once you’ve completed this class you will need to register with the State Department of Labor Standards (DLS). You will also be required to pass a third party exam, have a respirator fit test, pulmonary function test, and physical exam including a blood test. The DLS yearly fee for a deleading contractor is $575. The cost for the deleader supervisor license is $150. Every year the deleading contractors and supervisors have annual refresher training to maintain their licensure. See the deleader refresher class description for information on the annual training.